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As a full-service general contractor, Primary Construction provides a wide array of construction services and delivery methods customized to meet the goals and needs of each client. From pre-construction to closeout, we keep our clients’ best interests at heart.


 In the pre-construction phase, vital decisions are made that align a project’s intent, design, cost objectives and scheduling with the owner’s goals. The Primary team’s early involvement and insight in this phase often bridge gaps between client expectations and construction realities, helping avoid problems later in the building process.  As the design progresses, we suggest changes to improve the final product without altering the designer’s original intent or compromising the integrity of the building.


The contractor’s early involvement in the construction phase is key to a project’s success. From the very beginning, Primary proactively collaborates with other team members to help mitigate risks and manage unknown variables. Our watchful oversight helps resolve conflicts and problems before they create cost overruns and delays. We work closely with the architect, engineer and owner to optimize project design, create a realistic schedule and formulate and control the cost structure. We seek competitive bids from all vendors to guarantee that owners receive the best value from the most qualified subcontractor. During construction we provide field supervision and project management in our best effort to assure the quality of the final product.

After project completion, our team goes the extra mile to make sure that owners continue to have the best possible experience with the construction process.  We provide an internal punch list combined with the owner’s punch list to deliver total satisfaction.